Generieren Sie mit einem Klick einen kostenlosen einmaligen Link. Teilen Sie den Link dann mit anderen Personen, um unbegrenzt Skype-Besprechungen zu halten. Dabei steht Ihnen der ganze Funktionsumfang von Skype zur Verfügung. Der Link ist nicht befristet und kann jederzeit verwendet werden.

Go Skype, go!

Auch sehr cute.

NASA was able to thrive with multiple graphic designs. There was a place for both the meatball and the worm. However, in 1992, the 1970s brand was retired - except on clothing and other souvenir items - in favor of the original late 1950s graphic.

Until today.

The worm is back. And just in time to mark the return of human spaceflight on American rockets from American soil.

Was für ein schönes Logo – aus einer deutlich besseren Zeit.

Doch Sicherheitsforscher finden immer wieder neue Sicherheits- und Datenschutzprobleme in der Software. Mit verschiedenen, teils sehr einfachen Tricks, lassen sich Programme auf Windowsrechnern starten, auf Webcam und Mikrofon auf dem Mac zugreifen oder die Rechte ausweiten. Zudem wirbt Zoom mit einer Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung, die es gar nicht gib

Vowe sammelt Alternativen.

Update: Weil ich paranoider als Vowe bin, kann ich aus dem Screenshot nur FaceTime oder die Microsoft Produkte empfehlen. Danke an Stefan Nitzsche für das Wachrütteln.

The dynamic and versatile nature of iPadOS’ new cursor is what sets it most apart from the Mac’s cursor. Not only does it adapt to highlight certain UI elements such as buttons, but it can also, in more ways than what’s found on the Mac, serve as a helpful indicator of the specific function the cursor can perform.

Es ist aber auch nicht alles rosa:

This works in both Pages and Keynote, though the way it works in Pages is interesting: these new selection boxes only apply to objects, such as images, shapes, or text boxes, but not to in-line text. A selection box can’t be used to select in-line text at all, so you’ll need to use the standard text selection gestures for that. Though I understand why it’s helpful to keep these concepts and methods of selection separate, it can be confusing upon first use.

Der Trackpad Support ist ein großer Schritt aber Teil eines langen Weges.

Ich kenne einige Unternehmen (Spotify – hüstel), die würden sich über so eine Sonderbehandlung ebenfalls freuen.

What happens to our existing products?

iOS App

There will be no changes to Dark Sky for iOS at this time. It will continue to be available for purchase in the App Store.

Android and Wear OS App

The app will no longer be available for download. Service to existing users and subscribers will continue until July 1, 2020, at which point the app will be shut down. Subscribers who are still active at that time will receive a refund.


Weather forecasts, maps, and embeds will continue until July 1, 2020. The website will remain active beyond that time in support of API and iOS App customers.


Our API service for existing customers is not changing today, but we will no longer accept new signups. The API will continue to function through the end of 2021.


SpaceX was founded with the goal of making life multi- planetary. The Starship program is realizing this goal with the crew configuration of Starship. Drawing on experience from the development of Dragon for the Commercial Crew Program, the Starship crew configuration can transport up to 100 people from Earth into LEO and on to the Moon and Mars. The crew configuration of Starship includes private cabins, large common areas, centralized storage, solar storm shelters and a viewing gallery.

* Für Nutzlast- und Crew-Kunden wohlgemerkt.

Via Dense Discovery

Now I want to spend the next 10 years right here with you. Talking not just about Apple, glorified or vilified, but about all the tech that affects all of our lives. And not just about the news, about what’s happening and when, but diving deep into the analysis behind it, the how and the why.

Ein weiterer schwerer Verlust für iMore, die schon durch den Weggang von Serenity Caldwell zu Apple gelitten haben. Rene hat seine Videokarriere systematisch aufgebaut und nachdem er sein Color-Grading perfektioniert hat, war es wohl an der Zeit, sich selbstständig zu machen.

Dr. Chew’s inspiration behind the project came from watching a show on the Mercedes Vision AVTR, a supercar released by the German luxury vehicle manufacturer. “It had Tron-like lighting in the edge of the front seats. I started searching the internet to look at different options currently offered. XKGLOW has a good reliability report and used the least amount of power to run,” Chew tells Teslarati.

Ich mache mir Reichweitensorgen wegen meiner 19-Zoll Sport-Felgen und Dr. Chew baut sich das Tron-Set in sein Model 3.

The image from Apple's education products page shows a 16-inch MacBook Pro running Logic Pro X, but with a familiar interface that looks extremely similar to GarageBand's Live Loops sessions on iOS. Since Logic Pro X does not currently contain this feature, an update with GarageBand-style Live Loops sessions may be planned.

Auf einem iPad Pro wäre es noch doller.

“Returning to the Moon and supporting future space exploration requires affordable delivery of significant amounts of cargo,” said SpaceX President and Chief Operating Officer Gwynne Shotwell.

Erst sah es ja so aus, als wolle SpaceX keine Umweg über den Mond zum Mars nehmen – aber diesen Auftrag nimmt man bestimmt gerne mit.

Most interestingly, the report claims that Apple is currently tackling two different approaches to adding Touch ID fingerprint unlock to the Apple Watch. One approach would be through integrating a fingerprint sensor into the Digital Crown. The other (cooler) method would be to add a fingerprint sensor under the screen. It’s not clear if this would be ready for this year, as The Verifier points to it being a Series 7 (2021) feature.

Das wäre klasse, wenn meine Apple Watch nicht nur meine Macs entsperren sondern ich mich auch in 1Password authentifizieren könnte.

This tool can help you understand what to do next about COVID-19. Let’s all look out for each other by knowing our status, trying not to infect others, and reserving care for those in need.

“You Should Practice Social Distancing” – mache ich, du bitte auch.

Update – Es gibt auch eine App, wahrscheinlich US-only.

One particularly interesting augmented reality experience that Apple is testing is a "crosswalk bowling game," which we believe may allow Apple engineers to roll a virtual bowling ball across the crosswalk to knock down virtual bowling pins on the other side of the street while waiting for the pedestrian light to change from stop to go.

This crosswalk bowling game can only be triggered at an intersection near an Apple office known as "Mathilda 3" at 555 N Mathilda Ave in Sunnyvale, California, which may be one of the locations that Apple is developing its AR/VR headset. This office is located roughly five miles from the company's Apple Park headquarters in nearby Cupertino.

Lustige Umkehrung: früher haben Developer via Geo-Fencing verbotene Funktionen vor Apple versteckt. Nun versteckt Apple zukünftige AR/VR-Apps mit Geo-Fencing vor neugierigen Blicken.

That leaves us with the two boards: one logic, and one key. The latter won’t be going anywhere, thanks to the rivets that hold it in place, but the difference between the butterfly keyboard and this Magic one is—you guessed it—about .5 mm.


It’s delightful. It’s like a little cartoon character, the plucky dot who is up to any challenge, even if it means contorting itself into whatever form is required.

Echt mit Recht gefeiert, Jason. Das ist ganz großes Apple Kino. Toll.

If you already have a 2018 iPad Pro, the only reason to even consider upgrading is if you’re somehow professionally involved with AR, or if you make serious use of your iPad camera. These are not new iPad Pros so much as tweaked iPad Pros. And the best part of holding onto a 2018 iPad Pro is that the upcoming Magic Keyboards are fully compatible with those models. Keep your 2018 iPad Pro and wait for the keyboard.

Weitere analoge Reviews: Lauren Goode, Rene Ritchie (Video), Dieter Bohn (Video + Text), Jason Snell, Marques Brownlee (Video), Matthew Panzarino und John Gruber.

9to5Mac expects CarKey to work for locking, unlocking, and starting cars using the iPhone in place of a physical car key or key fob. Virtual car keys will be managed in Apple’s Wallet app and work with an option for authenticating without a passcode or Face ID for a faster experience. These virtual car keys will also be shareable over Messages.

Soll auch mit der Apple Watch und dem neuen iPad Pro funktionieren – es wird wohl der Ultra-wideband Chip benötigt. Ist der überhaupt in der Apple Watch? Es wird zwei Versionen geben, eine mit „Dranhalten“ und eine mit „in-der-Hosentasche-behalten“.

Teilweise geht das bei Tesla auch, aber da ist es noch etwas aufwendiger weiteren Personen zur Nutzung der Tesla App mit dem gleichen Tesla hinzuzufügen. Aber Teilen oder Anmelden mit der eigenen Apple ID geht natürlich nicht.