Jeff Benjamin von 9to5Mac stellt den Logitech Crayon – den demnächst jeder für 70 € kaufen kann – für das iPad 6 vor ↦

The Apple Pencil is […] also more prone to roll off a table than the Logitech Crayon, even though it’s been weighted in a way to help prevent that.

Ein nützliches Feature.

Charging the Logitech Crayon differs from the Apple Pencil in that it features a female Lightning connection. This means that you can easily charge your Logitech Crayon with a Lightning cable, just like you do with your iPad, iPad, AirPods, etc.

Warum nicht gleich so?

The Logitech Crayon, on the other hand, with its squared-off design, […] I enjoyed the feel of the Crayon over the Apple Pencil in both short bursts, and long usage marathons.

Ergonomie schlägt Sterilität

PS Ich bin ein großer Fan von Jeff Benjamins Videos. Ganz großes Kino.