In high school I was the first dude who owned a Walkman. Well, technically it was a Toshiba KT-S1. My luck lasted only a few days, when a friend of mine got the real deal – a TPS-L2. ↦

One interesting feature is that it (the Toshiba KT-S1) comes with a tuner module (in the shape of a cassette) that fits into the cassette compartment to provide radio functions.

Boy was I proud when my dad somehow got his hands on one of these shiny new ultra portable cassette players. The Toshiba KT-S1 had two headphone jacks, a push-to-talk-button integrated in the play button and features an FM radio module in the shape of a cassette.

A few days later, we were roller skating on the schoolyard, my friend Patrick Hympendahl arrived with his latest toy: a SONY TPS-L2. Suddenly my brand-new “Walkman” was big like a brick, in boring silver and was the poor man’s version with a radio. I wish I had more self-confidence in these days and not that easily to depress.