Chris MacAskill, ehemaliger Director of Developer Relations bei General Magic und NeXT, erinnert sich an die Zeit, als er heimlich Intels CEO Andy Grove anrief und damit den späteren Kauf von NeXT (statt Be Inc.) durch Apple begünstigt hat. ↦

I got Andy’s assistant on the phone. His assistants were executives-in-training who spent 2 years mentoring under Andy. I explained that if Steve heard about this call I would be fired. I justified the call by saying sometimes history has shown you have to do the right thing and keep it secret from Steve until later, as the Mac team famously did when they hid a Sony engineer in the Apple building so Steve wouldn’t find out.

Super geniale Interna aus alten NeXT-Zeiten und herrliche Anekdoten um die Lenker der damals hippen IT-Firmen. Eine klasse Sonntagslektüre.