Raspberry Pi 400 tritt in den Fußstapfen des C64 ↦

But user friendliness is about more than performance: it can also be about form factor. In particular, having fewer objects on your desk makes for a simpler set-up experience. Classic home computers – BBC Micros, ZX Spectrums, Commodore Amigas, and the rest – integrated the motherboard directly into the keyboard. No separate system unit and case; no keyboard cable. Just a computer, a power supply, a monitor cable, and (sometimes) a mouse.

Leider habe ich so viele Raspberry Pi Gehäuse, wie ich Raspis habe (und seit Neuestem sogar das NexDock), daher setze ich diesmal aus.

PS Heise online hat auch einen schönen Artikel und ein Video zum Raspberry Pi 400.