Bin dabei #CoronaWarnApp –

Did I mention that macOS Catalina is a bug-infested hell? I really consider running macOS Mojave in a VM full-time on my 16" MacBook Pro.

On a better note: Yesterday I was able to write an on demand VPN configuration profile for my Mac which mostly worked and once I’ve switched from a shared secret to certificate it will automatically launch the VPN if I am outside of my office or home wifi. Yay!

After waking up from sleep, my MacBook Pro 16" can't find its keyboard and trackpad for 10+ seconds. Great achievement Apple!

Und schon wieder raus aus dem Krankehaus. Weiter erholen.

Überlebt! Jetzt erst mal erholen – aua.

Danke an Dres. Langwara & Dischinger sowie an Schwester Sybille und das ganze Kreiskrankenhaus Dormagen.

Heute bleibt die gewohnte Berichterstattung mal aus, da ich mich unters Messer lege – wir sehen uns auf der anderen Seite.

Mac Pro inbound. Stay tuned…

Testing Drafts App 16 on the Mac. Will it blend?

Protip – To speed-up watchOS updates disable Bluetooth on the iPhone while the update is loaded to Apple Watch. For me it went from 7 hours to a couple of minutes. I'am always the last one to get to know these tricks.

Just in time for the launch of Apple Arcade I managed to get Lotharek’s SIO2SD run with my Atari 800. Hours of fun ahead. #atari #atari800 #sio2sd

This morning my car got a software update and now it’s supercharging. This feels like the future. Thanks @elonmusk

Twitterrific6 – Rocked the beta. Insta-bought the all-time package. Supported an indie dev.

Hello world! Or how I can now post status updates from @keyboardmaestro directly to my blog (with a little help of ChronoSync by @econriver and @getkirby)

Soon the Powerbeats Pro in my ears. #Apple #PowerBeatsPro

Though my wife disapproves me collecting retro computers in general she would agree on adding a Cray Computer to my collection. Who wants to sell me one?

Ein Feature einer @Unitymedia GigaBit Leitung ist, dass sie fliegen kann – häufig weg. Cc. @UnitymediaHilfe

New Internet speed seems to be speedy. #ilike

Hello dark side (Safari from the macOS 10.14.4 update now supports a website’s dark mode)

From a user perspective I expect todays Apple event to be boring AF. From a stockholder’s perspective maybe not. Can’t decide, which side I am on.