Mit ActiveX, Marquee und für den Microsoft Internet Explorer optimiert – always the bad guys.

Via John Gruber and Jason Kottke

One of the first games to use rotoscope technology for realistic animations, with backgrounds that were entirely hand-drawn, this 1993 science fiction classic now includes a modern mode, complete with Post-FX graphic filters, completely remastered sound and music, a brand new “rewind"" function and an adjustable level of difficulty!

Vor einigen Wochen hatte ich Flashback auf meinem RetroPi wiederentdeckt. Leider war die Steuerung mit dem SONY DualShock 3 Controller etwas hakelig und ich habe mir dann Flashback für dies Nintendo Switch für 19.99 Euro gekauft. Nun haben die Nintendo Diebe den Preis auf 5,99 Euro gesenkt – danke dafür. Und danke mir selbst, dass ich kurz vor dem Ende des Spiels an einer Stelle gesichert habe, wo ich ohne ein weiteres Leben sofort draufgehe.

The system will also come with a smaller 5.5-inch screen, weighs less than the original Switch hardware (approximately 0.61 lbs), and comes in three colors: yellow, gray and turquoise. The Nintendo Switch Lite also boasts longer-lasting battery life, ranging from three to seven hours of play.

Das wird ein Weihnachtskracher werden – besonders in Kombination mit den neuen Games “Pokémon Sword” und “Shield and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening”.

Ganz große Wassertorte für meine 🐝 zum Geburtstag

But it’s not all about give—the 12-inch MacBook has been removed from Apple’s website (though refurbished versions are still available).

Apple cleaned its MacBook line-up with the MacBook Escape and the MacBook One now gone. On one side this makes my current MacBook a ticking keyboard time-bomb. And on the other side Apple doesn’t sell any MacBook Pro to my liking due to the mandatory Touch Bar and the ticking keyboard time-bomb. Meh.

So I either wait for the mysterious 16-inch MacBook Pro or an ARM-based successor of my beloved MacBook.

One interesting feature is that it (the Toshiba KT-S1) comes with a tuner module (in the shape of a cassette) that fits into the cassette compartment to provide radio functions.

Boy was I proud when my dad somehow got his hands on one of these shiny new ultra portable cassette players. The Toshiba KT-S1 had two headphone jacks, a push-to-talk-button integrated in the play button and features an FM radio module in the shape of a cassette.

A few days later, we were roller skating on the schoolyard, my friend Patrick Hympendahl arrived with his latest toy: a SONY TPS-L2. Suddenly my brand-new “Walkman” was big like a brick, in boring silver and was the poor man’s version with a radio. I wish I had more self-confidence in these days and not that easily to depress.

Now I so desperately want one. Also: a black Pippin would be a real treasure.

* Update: The screen is actually no screen but a touch sensitive area that can be used with the pen. Sorry for the confusion and thanks to @DandumontP for clearing this up.

Fell in love with the pink WM-20, the double-decker WM-W800 and the professional WM-D6C. Send hearts (and money.)

PS Today is the Sony Walkman’s 40th birthday. Sony made a special website about it.

Dragonfly is so cool I can hardly stand it: It's a quadcopter, with four pairs of coaxial propellers each mounted at the corners of a 3-meter-long lander. The idea is that it can land in one spot on Titan and then fly in short 8-kilometer hops to other places where it can perform scientific measurements.

This sounds more interesting to me than humans on Mars. Well except if I am amongst these humans. But let that sink for a moment how much of a step-up this will be to the driving robots on Mars and the Moon. I am so pumped-up about this Dragonfly mission.