Ordered a 2018 Mac mini to ensure I can run the latest macOS that doesn’t suck. Even when I switch to Apple Silicon in the near future. #FunctionalHighGroundMyAss

For now, this remains an experiment. I've got my own HEY World blog, and David has his. We're going to play for a while. And, if there's demand, we'll roll this out to anyone with a personal @hey.com account. It feels like Web 1.0 again in all the right ways. And it's about time.

Sicher hätte ich gern so etwas für mein selbstgehostetes Blog, aber für unsere Familie, die immer noch einen Ersatz für die App Path sucht, wäre das echt der Burner.

Vielleicht könnte mein Model 3 so lange Dogecoins minen, bis ich FSD raus habe? Ach nee, habe ja nur HW2.5 ☹️

Wenn man den Tag mal ruhiger angehen will, fliegt dir die eine Hälfte des Synology High Availability Clusters weg. Und dann liest du von einem Serienfehler im RS815+. Danke Universum.

Now at right angles! Securely attach a HAT (or two mini HATs) to your Raspberry Pi 400, so that they're pointing upwards and correctly oriented.

Ideal zum Beispiel für das HyperPixel 4.0 Hi-Res Display. Instabuy für mein Amiberry-Projekt.

Das @DHLPaket heute Wartungsarbeiten an seiner Website macht, ist eher so suboptimal für die Versendung unserer Weihnachtspost #DHLoffline

What a mega-epic sensation SN8’s high altitude test by SpaceX was 🚀🔄👍🏼 (10 Bilder)

I am watching SpaceX launches for years now and each and everyone is a marvel on the intersection of engineering and software. I read once that the booster landing on a drone ship is like throwing a pencil over the Empire States Building and land on a penny. What we saw yesterday with an ascend to a high altitude of a vehicle never been so high up, powered by engines never running for so long (and in concert and being re-ignited mid-flight), then belly-flop 50 meters of steel (that’s 12 stories high, people), keeping that silver sausage levelled that it could serve a champaign tower, and then rotate that giant Starship a few meters above ground to an upright position – I am lost for words and dropped a serious amount of tears yesterday.

Mega cudos and respect for the SpaceX team and seeing forward to SN9, SN10 and the upcoming Mars landing.

After #20MacsFor2020 brought so much light into this dark year I signed up for #Upgrade+ though being an early @SixColors member. Can’t get enough of @jsnell – onto the next 20 years!

For the first time ever, Beats designed a glow in the dark colorway with Yoon from AMBUSH to inspire listeners to connect with their creative, nocturnal side.

Für die würde ich glatt meine AirPods Pro über dem nächsten Gulli verlieren. #GlowInTheDarkRulez

DevTerm von Clockwork – ein mobiles Open Source Terminal für „normale“ Entwickler (6 Bilder)

The A5 notebook size integrates complete PC functions with a retro-futurism design, a 6.8-inch ultra-wide screen, classic QWERTY keyboard, necessary interfaces, high-speed wireless, long battery life, and even includes a practical thermal printer.

Das DevTerm kommt in drei Varianten, mit und ohne Thermodrucker sowie komplett in Einzelteile zerlegt, zum Selberbauen. Die Preise liegen bei 249 US$, 219 US$ und 319 US$. Ich habe den GameShell Handheld von Clockwork und bin begeistert von der Qualität.

clockworkPi v3.14 is compatible with the Raspberry Pi CM3 series, which means that your work on the Raspberry Pi can be "teleported" to a portable terminal in seconds!

D.h. das DevTerm ist auf eine gewisse Art zukunftssicher, weil zukünftige Raspberry Pi Compute Module passen sollten. Clockwork bietet aber auch eigene “Cores” an.

Very nice!